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British Manufacturing

An article in The Sunday Times back in 2012, written by the then business editor of the Times told the story of a call to arms concerning British Manufacturing.

In 2012 Sir Anthony Bamford a man of impeccable manufacturing pedigree, Chairman of JCB, prepares a report on UK manufacturing.

It highlighted 2 important figures, China consumes $27bn worth of machine tools annually, the U.K. on the other hand $0.4bn.

Machine Tools are the blood supply of those nations with the desire to be global manufacturing players.

And the report proved to be a call to arms for all British politicians and recommended reading for anyone bothered about manufacturing decline in the U.K.

Today our colleagues tell us that all toolmaking is now dominated by China, there is little or no toolmaking manufacturing left in the U.K.. What happened to that call to arms?

Kamal Ahmed is now Editorial Director of BBC News... His article speaks volumes, voiced eloquently but did anyone listen?

Let us know your thoughts...


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