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Covid-19 impact

Manufacturing similar to other sectors, has been majorly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with the complex supply chains.

Manufacturing is beginning to see the the first wave of people returning to work, Jaguar land Rover and Ford are among the couple car manufacturers who have returned to production.

Octagon Precision along with many others have had to spend money and take extra precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, the desire to just return to work as normal speed will not happen over night.

The Covid-19 pandemic issues are widespread, with the UK as a whole sowing a 20.4% decline in April. We have already heard of many companies to shut down since the pandemic. There is huge uncertainty with what we can expect round the corner.

We are lucky we focus on water jet cutting as it is so versatile, whether we are waterjetting for the motor industry or architectural our extensive inventory of diverse and customisable products.


If you have a project in mind then get in contact or call us on 01243 376777 #waterjet #lasercut #waterjetcutting #ukmanufacturing #engineering


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