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The past decade has been marked by incredible progress and innovation. 

Such as, the iPad which arrived in 2010, a large portable touch screen that no one could have predicted would have been so successful, apart from Apple. 

The arrival of Tesla cars was game changing for electric vehicles.

Instagram has now turned us all into amateur photographers, enabling, for good or bad, once sleepy villages, quiet resorts and incredible scenery to have a world presence.  Who would have thought a photograph could carry such a powerful punch?

And voice assistants in the form of a smart speaker named Alexa, now enables us to throw commands at will, to control our smart home devices, such as the lighting, music or heating.

But there has been gradual lifestyle changes that we really haven’t noticed.

Airports – remember when you didn’t have to take your shoes off going through security; and taking a bottle of water on board wasn’t an issue?

Apps – Talk about a gadget explosion

The saying, “there is an app for that!” has become a staple phrase. How did we cope before?

Google – another stable phrase, “ just google it”

And Uber, thanks to the arrival of the 4g network we are now able to get from A to B at the click of a button and in the process turned into one of the most infamous, unicorn tech start-ups of the decade.

These are just a few but, whilst the world has been changing, industry has changed too, how long is it since you were able to pop down the road to your local toolmaker or precision engineer and have something made while you wait?

We may not be able to do the precision engineering part, but we can provide WATERJETTING whilst you wait and we can provide a coffee from another last decade created innovation, the Nespresso machine.


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