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Waterjet Profiling

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

High pressure waterjet profiling has now really become of age and is a high tech process offering solutions to a huge sector of industry. The process pressurises water to 60,000 - 90,000psi and applies a garnet abrasive allowing for virtually any material known to man to be cut. The cold cutting process applies no heat and it is equally at home cutting chocolate to insulation material or carpets, flooring to Boeing 747 wings.

Combining this into a precision engineering environment for over 20 years. Recently tackling the most complex programme within this time-frame with the undertaking of the Chelsea Barracks decorative works and balustrades.

We are now able to offer, by way of recent alliances, Fibre Laser Cutting and Anodising. Anodising lengths up to 12000mm, the process adding strength, corrosion resistance and beauty to your parts.


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